Jumpstart your musical arranging career!

Learn arranging fundamentals for two distinct genres of music. This course will cover MIDI arrangement, layering different instruments, structuring your song, and advanced techniques to bring your music to life.

  • Everything you need to know to arrange your own instrumental tracks

  • 4 comprehensive chapters with multiple lessons

  • 3 months of unlimited access to view and review

  • Certificate of Completion

  • USB leasing option available with deluxe package

  • 1 month email support

Course Curriculum

Chapter One / Getting Started

This chapter offers an in-depth breakdown of the art of arranging. You'll get a close up look at the process behind your favorite arrangements. 

  • Lesson 1 - Intro to arranging
  • Lesson 2- Prepping your session

Chapter Two / Building a Ballad

This chapter follows Chayala as she builds layers of instrumentation into a heartfelt ballad song. Use Protools to make your way through the building blocks and core concepts of arranging. Finish by learning to blend your elements correctly. 

  • Lesson 1 - Layering up your instruments
  • Lesson 2 - Mixing your arrangement

Chapter Three / Creating a Dance Track

Acquire the know-how to build a pumping EDM track using Logic Pro. This chapter will familiarize you with the programming tools you need to use virtual instruments to create endless sounds. 

Chapter Four /  Glossary of Sounds 

This chapter explores the full range of instruments and sounds used in today's  Jewish music genres. When done, you'll be able to identify any sound under the sun and just how to use each instrument in your track.  With this extensive knowledge at your fingertips, you'll never have to guess your way to the elusive sound you're looking for. 

  • Lesson 1 - Tonal elements
  • Lesson 2 - Percussive elements
  • Lesson 3- Know your genres

Learn how to...

  • Layer

    Learn the pro techniques to layering up different instruments to add color, texture ,and dimension to an arrangement . Gain a keen understanding of the key elements of a solid arrangement.

  • Program

    Dive into the world of MIDI and virtual instruments using both Logic Pro and Protools. Master the art of creating a full pro-sounding track in different genres.

  • Mix

    Become a pro at getting the different elements of your arrangement to "sit " in the right spots for a seamless blend.